Friday, August 31, 2012

Kimchi Fried Rice

This kimchi fried rice was a great way to use up some of my last batch of (slightly weird) kimchi. It has the satisfying textures of fried rice, but with a sour kick. I think that cooking the kimchi negates much of its nutritional value, though.

Kimchi Fried Rice

several c chopped kimchi, with the juice set aside
several c cooked white rice
bite-sized, cooked/blanched veggies (I used peas and carrots)
toppings, like scallions, sesame oil, sesame seeds, sriracha

1. Saute kimchi until soft and fragrant. Add a little more oil, and add in the cooked rice, cooking until parts get chewy and/or crispy. Add a little bit of kimchi juice while cooking.
2. Stir in other veggies, then remove from heat and serve hot with toppings.


Anonymous said...

ooooh that sounds sooo good! love kimchi!

Eileen said...

Fried rice with kimchi sounds like a fantastic plan! Mild rice with spicy, pungent kimchi--perfect.