Thursday, October 17, 2013

Vegan Ploughman's with Miso and Tahini

When I'm in England, I mostly try to eat Indian food. But the English have some good things going on--putting arugula in everything, for example, and the flapjack, a granola bar that dared to be a delicious cookie. And also, the ploughman's has a spot in my heart/stomach.

According to the internets,
A ploughman's lunch (abbrev. to ploughman's) is a cold meal originating in the United Kingdom, commonly served in pubs. Its core components are cheese, chutney, and bread. The dish can also include such items as boiled eggs, ham, and pickled onions, and is traditionally accompanied by beer. As its name suggests, it is more commonly consumed as a midday snack.
Pickles and cheese should indeed be best friends, complementing each other in numerous ways. I'm going to keep messing with this idea, but here's my first draft of an awesome vegan ploughman's that anyone can make at home in 5 minutes.

Vegan Ploughman's (openface)

sprouted rye bread, toasted
tahini (sesame butter)
fridge pickles (this is a combination of cucumbers and onions, but the options are limitless!)

On the toasted rye bread, spread a layer of tahini. Add a small amount of miso and mix into the tahini. Top with pickles and other vegetables. Eat with beer (duh).

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