Sunday, April 27, 2014

Potato-Greens Soup with Neon Sauces

I've been so behind on posting that today I finished editing seventeen posts that have been lingering in my drafts folder. I'll try to restrain them from becoming a blitz!

After I wound up with extra chimichurri sauce, I started going a bit crazy on the neon sauces. In the orange sauce, the bitterness of ground sesame seeds contrasts with the sour flavor of lemon juice and roasted pepper.

Greens Soup with Neon Sauces

chimichurri sauce from isa does it: parsley, cilantro, cashews (or pepitas), etc.

orange pepper sauce (grind in food processor):
2 TB sesame seeds ground
1 orange bell pepper, flame-roasted and skinned
1 dried red serrano
1/4 c olive oil
pinch salt
2-3 TB lemon juice

potato-greens soup (saute, simmer, and blend):
1/2 onion, chopped
4 garlic, minced
lots of greens (3-4 c?), washed and chopped
tamari (not much)
1 small potato, peeled and diced
4 c stock


foodchain said...

Julia, this looks amazing, and I love the name "neon sauces." I've been browsing through your blog a lot today! I don't know why I don't do that more often. :)

Julia said...

thanks, megan! :)