Monday, September 24, 2012

Cool things made from nuts

Almond milk was so easy, I am not sure why I hadn't made it before! I soaked 1/2 c almonds in water overnight, then drained them. They got so bloated that I had 1 c almonds in the morning, which I then blended with 3 c filtered water, and then strained through a cheesecloth. You could also blend the soaked almonds with a few dates or honey for sweetness, but I think sweetened milk is just silly, and anyway, almonds have a natural sweetness of their own.

This was fantastic in iced coffee, which I brewed at about 1.5x regular strength and then immediately poured over a ton of ice; as the ice melts, you end up with the regular concentration of coffee.


Finally, here's an awesome sandwich I made on sprouted rye bread with smoked cashew gouda, avocado, tomato, and horseradish mustard.

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