Sunday, April 28, 2013

Things from my freezer: Spicy Ginger Syrup and More Soup Stock

I have come a long way from the first weird batch of stock I tried to make myself. I've realized that less is more: onions, garlic, celery, and carrots. Maybe parsley and dill (though you're limiting your options by adding these). But don't go crazy with other veggies--you can always add them later in the soup-making process. I also have another post forthcoming about more Asian-inspired soup stocks.

I also peel a lot of ginger, so I started saving the ginger peels in a separate bag in the freezer, along with a few pieces of serrano chili. When I had about a cup of the stuff, I took it out and made this fantastic syrup: I boiled the ginger and chilies in water until the water took on the flavor, then I drained the liquid of the solid stuff, put it back in the pot, and dissolved some sugar in it. The result: intensely spicy and delicious syrup, not too sweet. I have used it in stir fries and curries, but mostly in cocktails. Even just mixed with soda water, it makes a fantastic ginger ale.

Also, here is a soup I made with homemade stock:

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