Monday, October 22, 2012

Quick Radish-Cucumber Salad with Sesame Oil

I got a mandoline slicer for my birthday! After I eventually got over my fear of cutting off fingers enough to take it out of the box, it became a source of great fun, creativity, and efficiency. I look forward to many happy french fries, fruit salads, etc.

I hate slicing radishes. Their small diameter makes them difficult to hold while cutting them with a knife. So halleluiah! The mandoline did an amazing job of slicing.

 So I threw together a quick pickle/salad with rice vinegar, salt, canola oil, sesame oil, and sesame seeds. Not very much of any of these, and a bit more vinegar than anything else. Then, because I'd also tried out the mandoline on making shoestring beets, I threw some of those in as well for color.

Delicious and pretty! This was a refreshing accompaniment to a spicy curry.

Quick Radish-Cucumber Salad with Sesame Oil


Devon said...

i recommend not getting over your fear of cutting off your fingers too much

Christina said...

Get the gloves!

I'm going to ask for one for Christmas. :-)