Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sesame-Ginger Green Beans

Like these recipes, to make this recipe you blanch your beans first and then add the flavors. I suppose it's almost like a salad.

Sesame-Ginger Green Beans

3 c beans, trimmed and cut to 1-in pieces
1 in ginger
1/2 serrano, seeded minced
2 cloves garlic
1 TB miso
1 tsp sugar
1 TB lime juice
1 TB rice vin
1 TB sesame oil
2 tsp tamari
2 TB sesame seeds

1. Blanch green beans by pouring boiling water over them, letting them sit for 7-9 min, then draining them and putting them in ice water. Set aside until ready to use, then drain again.
2. Mix together remaining ingredients into a sauce, then toss beans in that sauce.

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janet @ the taste space said...

Oh yum. I bet this would be fabulous with steamed broccoli, too. :)