Nuts and bolts

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Sometimes I can be a little sloppy in my excitement to share a recipe.  In general, you can assume the following:

  • temperatures are in Fahrenheit
  • I use a gas stove and a gas oven; there's a thermometer in the oven to confirm its temperature
  • I am at sea level! 
  • "skillet" is almost always cast-iron; with one exception (whose teflony days are numbered), other frying pans and saucepans are stainless steel
  • I prefer to use non-insulated aluminum baking sheets with parchment paper
Ingredients ~ unless otherwise specified,
  • "tempeh" is Trader Joe's organic multigrain tempeh
  • "tofu" is extra firm tofu, ideally organic like Trader Joe's
  • "soymilk" is Trader Joe's organic soymilk (only ingredients: soybeans and water)
  • "flour" is normal white all-purpose flour (so is "AP flour")
  • "sugar" is larger-grain, unrefined/"raw" sugar, but not turbinado or demerara
  • "vegan butter" is Earth Balance buttery spread (not the whipped kind)
  • "nootch" is nutritional yeast, purchased from the bulk bin at Nature Mart or Whole Foods
  • "rooster paste" is the chili-garlic paste made by Huy Fong foods
  • canned tomatoes are (ideally) no-salt-added; dried coconut and cocoa powder are both always unsweetened
  • "lentils" are brown
  • curry powder and garam masala are the recipes on my blog, but za'atar is storebought from Jon's--if you can't find it storebought, it's pretty easy to make from scratch as well; I'll blog about this some time soon
  • spices are ground unless designated "whole;" ginger is fresh unless specified "ground" and/or "dried"
  • "fresh green chilies" are usually serrano peppers
  • "onions" are yellow onions


Myer said...

Oh yeah, and TB means tablespoon and not terabyte (haha)

Omelet said...

Hey Julia, Have you found somewhere else to shop in the Silverlake/Los Feliz area, now that Nature Mart is owned by Lassens? I cant morally shop there anymore, but hate driving to Whole Foods in Glendale.

Julia said...

I was so shocked to hear about the homophobic politics of Lassen's. There was some talk on facebook of starting a co-op on the eastside, but it seems to have died down...

I buy most bulk things at Whole Foods or Jon's... produce from the Hollywood or Silverlake farmer's markets (and sometimes Jon's)... and things like tofu tempeh soymilk wholewheatpasta at Trader Joe's (the one in Hollywood, though-- the one on Hyperion is a clusterfuck).

Lani said...

am I able to subscribe to your blog via email?

Julia said...

Hi Lani,
Currently, no; I don't have an email list set up. Two other options: you can 'like' Julia's Vegan Kitchen on facebook for regular updates, or you at it to an RSS reader like feedly. Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps!