Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Butter Roasted Black Radish Slices

The initial appearance of this enormous, ungainly vegetable was not promising. But when my friends encouraged me to think of it as a kind of parsnip rather than a bloated radish, things started to click into place.

I peeled this thing, halved it lengthwise, and then sliced it into 1/2-in slices. I lightly coated these slices in melted earth balance, sprinkled with salt, then roasted them at 400* for 20 minutes, flipped and roasted for 10 minutes more. When they were slightly soft, I broiled them until they got nice and golden (only a few minutes). These were INCREDIBLE out of the oven, but--even though I eat cold leftovers regularly since I don't have a microwave--they were pretty strange cold. Eat them all fresh, or reheat well.

Butter Roasted Black Radish Slices

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Eileen said...

Hooray for roasted root vegetables! This is my favorite way to eat radishes, although I do agree that they are better hot out of the oven.