Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bacon Florentine with Hollandaise Sauce

Product, n.

Pronunciation:  U.S. /ˈprɑdək(t)/

Etymology:  ... things which, while falling short of absolute goodness, rise above the level of indifference  ...

Process, n.

Pronunciation:  U.S. /ˈprɑˌsɛs/

advance, progress, course or development of an action, protruberance, outgrowth, in post-classical Latin also lapse of time .... I. Going on, continuous action, proceeding...

I used to be vehemently against products. Or processed foods... whatever that means.

My initial guideline, when I started to take control of my diet after college, was that if I couldn't make it myself, I probably shouldn't buy it. But the more that I learn about cooking, and the more adventurous I become, the less helpful this guideline seems. After all, I totally could make a Field Roast sausage in my own kitchen; I just probably won't bother to spend the time. The same goes for several of the ingredients in this dish.

Zippy is coming from a very different place. She's never been much of a cook, though her predisposition towards combination and experimentation in the kitchen suggests otherwise. But if you've spent most of your adult life relying on convenience foods, surely those which you might possibly be able to make yourself are the absolute best choice?

Also, this breakfast was delicious, and easy.

It incorporated:
alternative english muffins (no preservatives and no animal products)
upton's naturals seitan bacon (contains 7 ingredients which are all in my kitchen)
follow your heart vegenaise (pesto style) -- mixed with mustard
mustard greens and kale, cooked the usual way with garlic and tamari
scallions as garnish


The finished product was divine. Easy, but special.

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