Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beet kimchi

BEETS! As bloody as my kitchen gets.

Just what it sounds like...Perhaps the logical outcome of splitting my time between adjacent Koreatown and Little Armenia... After noticing how the redness of radishes bled out in earlier kimchi preparations, I made some kimchi with julienned beets (merely added them to the original recipe). I think it will look crazily red as it matures. How does it taste? Only time will tell.

Update: read about the results here.


myer nore said...

can't wait to find out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia!

How long did you let this ferment? I made a more traditional kimchi, which I planned on fermenting for three days. I got sick, though, and it sat out for nine, and now I'm a little scared to eat it (it's in my fridge)!

Julia said...

I left the jars out at room temperature for a day or two. Actually, I cheated by adding leftover juice from an old batch. They've been sitting in my fridge since then... maybe it's time to check on them.