Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dry Mustard

What do you call this stuff?  Dry mustard, mustard flour, powdered dry mustard...

I was looking through my spice annex--the cupboard where I put the spices I don't use as often, and the overly large containers of spices, and the backup spices--and I realized I've barely made a dent in the pound of powdered dry mustard I bought for a few dollars just about a year ago.  I originally bought it to make gingerbread cookies, but one can really only make so many cookies, so I decided to figure out what else you can use this stuff in.

Ok, so you can make mustard... and apparently, it works as a thickening and binding agent... gee, great; if you want to make mustard cake or mustard pudding, you've got it.  And, if you're making a sauce that might use prepared mustard, you can probably use dry mustard in that.  But I really had to dig to find recipes besides those mustard or mustard sauce.  Here's a rough list of my findings!

Uses for powdered dry mustard
So stay tuned for many experiments in dry mustard as I try to work through some of my overstock.

OH and the award for most hilariously gross dry mustard recipe goes to ... mustard aspic.

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