Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mushroom Bourguignon (sortof) with Spaetzle

I'm not going to repost these recipes, adapted from The Taste Space, because I kind of messed them up too much.  As it turns out, you probably need wine to make anything bourguignon.  The mushroom dish was still good, but the spaetzle were pretty bad--I think because I had the hubris to use all whole wheat flour.  I was left with the impression that I was cooking gluten boogers.  I think they might be good if they were fried after cooking to give them more texture.

I used ener-g egg replacer and whole wheat flour instead of eggs and AP flour.

Instead of wine/stock, I used a mix of stock, sugar, red wine vinegar, and tamarind paste.  I also omitted the pearl onions and used cremini instead of portobello mushrooms.


janet said...

Oh my - i am so sorry to hear things didn't turn out. Both are some of my favourite dishes... My mom made the spaetzle for Christmas this year, and they didn't turn out either (same recipe). So even my mom the master chef can have a few bloopers too. When you get some wine, I encourage you to try the bourguignon again.

Julia said...

Me too. I can tell the bourguignon will be really awesome with the wine, though. :)