Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chipotle Tequila Fail

You'd think that tequila and chipotles go together like Logan Square and ironic mustaches.  But if my most recent experience in infused liquor is any indication, you'd be wrong.  Perhaps I infused too long (48 hours).  Perhaps I used a bad chipotle.  Perhaps my friend Tanya and I just didn't mix it with the right things.  But I am skeptical.  If the past few weeks have driven home any lesson, it's that as appealing as challenges are, some things actually don't need to be forced.  The magical sage-infused whiskey can stand as a witness.  But whether it was straight up, or mixed with lime, mango, and/or soda water, this was nasty.  The smokiness that tastes so delectable in beans, enchiladas, etc., seemed almost plasticky in the context of tequila.  Maybe this would work in a bloody mary?  If one even likes those...

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