Saturday, May 5, 2012


I've been dreaming about a vegan English breakfast off and on since... hm, forever?  With the introduction of Little Armenian SPICY GIANT BEANS (see below) to my fridge, I realized I had almost all the essential components.  I suppose I could have added toast, hash browns, and bacon, but this was nevertheless a ton of food.  This being LA, and local avocadoes being abundant these days, I had to throw in that extra delight.

So, altogether, there was avocado, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, tofu scramble, oats and rice sausage, and Little Armenian giant beans.

I roasted the tomatoes, quartered, at 400*F for 20 min.  I did mushrooms at 475*F for 25 minutes.  And, while I had the oven on, I also did some broccoli at 400-475*F for 25 minutes (I turned up the temperature halfway through).  In each case, they were tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and in the case of the mushrooms and the broccoli, some garlic cloves, and stirred occasionally while cooking. The mushrooms were fantastic!  Chewy, meaty, juicy.  They shrank so much, however!  One large bag turned out to be barely two servings.


A very pleasant combo of some of my favorite things.

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