Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Roundup

I just read on facebook about an insane pumpkin-themed dinner that my friends Simchi and Jared made, and I thought I'd make a little list for myself and you all of delicious pumpkin- and winter squash- based dishes. Never mind the fact that it was 93 degrees here in LA today.

Savory dishes
pumpkin chili
pumpkin coconut curry (pungent)
creamy pumpkin coconut curry (sweet)
pumpkin coconut split pea stew (nutty)
spicy eggplant squash lentil stew (dhansak)
kholamba (pungent)
asian squash-pear soup with adzuki beans
roasted squash salad with cilantro-sunflower dressing
miso-harissa squash and kale
roasted acorn squash with sumac and pistachios
squash hummus (sqummus)

Sweet dishes
my favorite pumpkin bread of all time
pumpkin pie with almond buttercream
ginger-pumpkin cupcakes with maple-vanilla buttercream
marbled chocolate-pumpkin cookies
pumpkin cookies (awesome)
pumpkin cookies (not great)


Simchi said...

There is absolutely nothing insane about pumpkin. Or pumpkin-themed dinners.

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