Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mushroom-Peas Curry

Another hit from the Asian Vegan Kitchen cookbook! This is probably my favorite cookbook, period, though Vegan Planet would be a close second.

This curry was mild but interesting. As it wasn't particularly spicy, sour, or pungent, I worried that this dish would be bland. However, the mixture of spices and especially the combination of textures kept this recipe unique. Green peas are so much fun to have in a dish that is largely creamy; they absorb some of the flavor of the dish, but they burst mischievously in your mouth. I made twice as much of the "almond gravy" and froze half so that next time this recipe will be a cinch.

To go with this, I made a rice pilaf: I sauteed some black mustard seeds in olive oil, then added long grain white rice and cooked a few more minutes until the rice started to brown. I then added water, garlic powder, and smoked salt, and simmered the rice as usual.


Julia said...

but dear Julia. inquiring minds are dying to know... WHAT'S FOR THANKSGIVING??

zippity fooodah said...

yes i am an inquiring mind and this too has been of recent ponder.

devdev pawpaws said...

do tell!