Sunday, August 4, 2013


Chickpea flour is amazing. But, I think, to make a quiche, you need something else as well. Here's a tale of two quiches:

First, I made this 'quizza' (which, to be fair, never professed to be a quiche). I added black salt, turmeric, and cayenne. The flavor was great, but the texture? A bit too grainy for me.


SO, I took the batter and made a kind of omelette out of it.

This ruled, and I think this is what chickpea flour is made for.


As for the quiche itself? I tried to salvage it in a scramble with some tofu

But ultimately, I couldn't get down with the texture.


Here's another quiche that's more invested in quichy-ness, from the vegan brunch cookbook: it uses tofu and cashews. Though broccoli sounded a bit weird in a quiche, this recipe was fantastic. Of course, I used Grandma Nellie's pie crust.

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