Friday, June 13, 2014

Pizza Bowl, Awesome Sauce

My friend Denise tipped me off that Isa Chandra Moskowitz was making an appearance at Mohawk Bend's "authors worth celebrating" series. We had a 4-course prix fixe dinner of recipes from her new cookbook while she talked about the dishes, her new book, and actually a lot of other things. It was pretty neat meeting her in person. Also, she could probably make a killing as a vegan standup comic, if that was a thing.

Isa Does It is a beautiful cookbook, with stunning photos and solid recipes, written in Isa's characteristic goofy voice. That said, it's not really going to change the way I cook--perhaps because the way I cook is already really influenced by Isa's other cookbooks, especially Veganomicon. I would definitely give this book to someone relatively new to vegan cooking: the focus is on using readily available ingredients to make meals that are interesting, filling, and relatively quick to pull together.

Also, the 'cheese' sauce from her Pizza Bowl recipe ended up being really more like an amazing romesco sauce, and I've been putting it on everything, not just this bowl.

Pizza Bowl from Isa Does It
wheat berries, homemade chorizo and collards, romesco-ey cheese sauce, olives, and herbs

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