Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chocolate Sorbet

When I go to Scoops, I always pass over the sorbets and head right for the rich and creamy soy- or coconut-based ice creams.  When there are other choices, why would I choose something that feels like the impoverished version of ice cream?  Something that is elsewhere my only vegan option?  And it often feels as though ice cream places know their sorbets are less exciting, because they overcompensate for the boringness by making them far too sweet.  Hm.  No thanks.

But.  There's an exception.  (who knew I had so many rules about frozen treats!)  I also scoff at chocolate ice cream, because it's never chocolatey enough.  I'm someone who never went for milk chocolate over dark chocolate even before going vegan.  And as it turns out, sorbet is the answer.  Yeah, it has (nonGM) corn syrup and a healthy serving of emulsifiers (?), but Double Rainbow's chocolate sorbet (sold at Trader Joe's) is totally awesome.  Pretty much nothing but cocoa and sugar, and yet (because its so flavorful and so cold) as satisfyingly chocolatey as a bar of dark chocolate.  It's like the best fudgsicle you ever had, without all the nasty crap.  Virtually fat-free, blah blah blah... I feel like this is an advertisement!  But really I'm just noting an epiphany that I had.  Maybe sorbet isn't always characterized by deprivation or overcompensation.

Also, if you have an ice cream maker, Hannah at Bittersweet just posted a recipe for chocolate sorbet.

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